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About Searching

Top Search Tips for the Advanced Search
  • Although you can use just one, using as many of the three Where/ What/ When search categories as possible will give you the most relevant search results.
  • In the “What” category the specific type box works with a predictive functionality that brings up a list of accepted terms based on what you type in. however If you're not getting the results you expected from the predictive specific type search box,, check you're using a relevant search term. To browse the various monument, maritime craft and historic aircraft types for a valid search term, click on the Online Thesauri links. Please note that these will not automatically populate the search box and have to be manually typed.
  • The “Where” search allows you to search by location. In the Placename field you can also enter the site name if you know it, e.g. Stonehenge or Old Sarum.
  • Don't use punctuation e.g. input Annes Barrow rather than Anne's Barrow.
  • Don't input plurals e.g. input church not churches.
  • Don't search on more than one thing at a time e.g. 'school or college' this should be two separate searches.
  • Each monument is given a reference number - it is shown at the top of the page relating to the monument. If you already know the reference number of a monument you are interested in you can insert this in the NMR field of the Reference Numbers box on the Advanced Search page and go straight to it.
  • If you're not getting any results please bear in mind that while PastScape contains nearly 400,000 individual records and is considered comprehensive, it is not exhaustive. We know that there are still archaeological sites and buildings which are not yet included.
    You can let us know about errors or omissions.
  • The FAQ section may help you with regard to coverage and content of PastScape.
  • If you would like further assistance with your search please contact us at: [email protected] quoting PastScape in the email.