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Over Bridge, designed in 1825, spans the canalised West Channel of the River Severn on the western outskirts of Gloucester. The bridge, of single span arch type, is built of stone and is approximately 100 metres long and 9 metres wide. It was designed by Thomas Telford in 1825 and opened in 1830 to carry the main road across the river, and give access to Gloucester from the west. The bridge is said to have been based upon Jean Rodolphe Perronet's bridge over the Seine at Neuilly (built in about 1768 and demolished in 1942). The body of the arch is an ellipse with a chord line of 150 feet and a 35 foot rise; but the stones of the external arch are set to segments of the same chord with a rise of only 13 feet producing a chamfered arch easing the passage of flood water. Until the Severn Bridge was built at Aust in the 1960s, this was the lowest point at which the Severn could be crossed by vehicle. It carried traffic until 1974 when it was bypassed by road improvements.

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