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Bronze Age field system 12ha above Froggatt Edge. It comprises a network of low stony banks and small clearance cairns. The lower part of the system lies on level ground between Froggatt Edge and the foot of a natural north-south orientated scarp. Above this scarp the upper field system slopes gently down towards an area of marshy ground in the east. The upper part of the system is defined to the west by a number of linear banks above the natural scarp, and to the east by similar banks down the edge of the marsh. Perpendicular to these are a series of further banks, up to 88m in length which divide the upper field system. Discontinuous linear banks also extend across the lower area west of the natural scarp and together these form a regular pattern of level fields. Further north the system is less coherent with only isolated sections of linear banks, but this area seems to have been under cultivation at some time since. There are is a scatter of small clearance cairns, these cairns are distinct from four other larger, non clearance cairns (see SK 27 NW 60). This is one of three field systems in the area. Scheduled.

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