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The remains of two embanked enclosures which were constructed as cockfighting pits. The date of their construction is probably contemporary with the building of Lymm Hall, which dates from the 17th century. The site consists of two interconnected arenas. The western arena floor is 8 metres across surrounded by a bank 8 metres wide at the base constructed of sandstone rubble and earth, standing up to 1.75 metres high. It is entered by a gap on the western side 1.5 metres wide, and on its eastern side another gap 1 metre wide leads to the second floor. This floor is 6 metres across with a surrounding bank 6 metres wide at the base and attached to the first bank, forming a figure '8' plan for the whole. In the centre of each arena is a dressed stone pedestal which stood 0.6 metres high and supported a stone table on which the birds were matched for sport. Scheduled.

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