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Parish church, part of the Augustinian priory at Church Gresley which was founded in the 12th century and dissolved in 1536. The church is the only part still upstanding. The parish church dedicated to St.George and St. Mary formed part of the monastic buildings, the choir or chancel being used as the priory chapel. The latter was demolished with the rest of the priory buildings soon after the dissolution. Traces of the priory were found in 1861 thirty-two feet south of the South-East angle of the tower and to the east and west slight remains can be seen east of the church, although no pattern is discernible.

Priory founded between 1100 and 1154 by William de Greley. Church in ruinious state when restored in 1786 and again restored and present chancel built in 1872. Coursed stone with slate roof. Much of internal stonework of monastic nave may survive but part of 14th century north arcade visibly remains and blocked door at west end of south wall probably led to cloisters. 15 tower, at east end of north aisle, formerly open to choir through lofty arch.

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