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A Roman villa and an associated wall are visible as cropmarks on aerial photographs. The site extends over an area which measures 69 metres east west and 37 metres north south. The villa measures 30 metres long and 15.5 metres wide, with the longer axis extending north-east south-west. The villa is defined by clear linear cropmarks indicating the presence of buried walls. Internal subdivisions are visible within the villa as two wings and a corridor extending across the rear of the building. There are a pair of possible garden features or column bases are defined by subcircular round features in the central courtyard possible the bases of columns holding up the peristyle. A futher circular feature is visible located centrally in front of the villa, which is more likely to be a garden feature. Each measures just over a metre in diameter. A wall extends from the north eastern corner of the villa for circa 9 metres towards the south east. The wall forms a right angle with the orientation of the front of the villa, and is likely to define the boundary of the front garden. A probable field boundary or garden feature is situated 38 metres to the east of the villa front. It is oriented north-east to south-west, and measures 20 metres in length and less than a metre in width.

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