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The site of the First World War Seaplane Base RNAS Hornsea Mere. Located on the east end of the mere or lake, the Royal Navy Air Service station was established on Kirkholme Point in early 1918. The seaplane base was equipped with two Bessonneau hangars, huts, tents, various brick buildings (some of which were extant in 1992) and two slipways. The base was established to provide anti-submarine patrols along the northern coast.

In 1918 251 Squadron formed at Hornsea Mere however as they flew DH6 land based planes none of the flights would have been based at Hornsea Mere. In August 1918, No. 248 Squadron formed at Hornsea Mere. It consisted of Nos 404, 405 and 453 Flights and flew coastal patrols off the Yorkshire coast until the end of the war. The squadron was made up of Sopwith Babies, Short 184s and Short 320 seaplanes. In March 1919 the squadron disbanded and the seaplane base was abandoned.
It is also documented that an anti-aircraft battery was established at the base during the First World War.

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