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A former military airfield, begun in 1929 and expanded under the RAF expansion programme of the late 1930s, further expanded in 1942 for heavy bomber aircraft. During its pre-war and Second World War phases it was mainly used by Operational Training Units, paricularly in for instruction in air gunnery and bombing (the actual ranges were at Donna Noooks Lincolnshire, and Skipsea on the east Yorkshire coast). In 1934 it was designated as Number 1 Armamament Training Camp, redesignated in 1944 as the Central Gunnery School. After the war the base was all but closed, remaining as a relief landing ground until 1947. It reopened in 1959 as a `Thor' ballistic missile base (operated by 226 Squadron). It was de-activated in 1963. By 1999 much of the airfield runway layout was intact but covered with industrial and agricultural buildings. A number of the features, mainly the defences of the airfield have been recorded as seperate records: please see child records TA 14 NW 38 to TA NW 51 and TA 14 NW 59 to TA 14 NW 61.

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