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A World War II heavy anti-aircraft gunsite, known as Station H32, situated 600 metres south of Ellerby Grange. The gunsite includes four gun pits, a command post and a magazine. It was established in early 1943 and is thought to have been abandoned by the end of the war. The gun emplacements and the command post are of concrete and the emplacements are arranged in an arc around the north-west of the command post which also faces north-west. The gun emplacements are of DFW 55414 design, for static 3.7 inch guns. Each has a central octagonal gun pit, 7.5 metres across, defined by concrete blast walls, with the gun mounting in the centre. The entrance is in the side nearest the command post, though the original iron blast doors have been removed. There are external roofed recesses for ammunition storage accessible through each of the remaining seven sides. Behind two of these recesses are a pair of rofed shelters. The command post is generally of DFW 55402 design, though with one extra room and no emplacement for an light anti-aircraft machine gun at the front. It measures around 8 metres by 20 metres and is divided into 2 sections, with a series of semi-sunken rooms forming a horseshoe around the raised frontal area. The concrete shell is complete and retains fragments of the internal fittings. The magazine lies 90 metres to the north-east and is now a rectangular building with walls of double thickness concrete breeze blocks supporting a modern A-frame roof. These walls were originally freestanding blast walls surrounding the magazine, which was a lightweight tin structure. The magazine was demolished after the war, leaving the blast walls which were roofed to create an agricultural store. Scheduled.

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