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Site of a medieval fortified manor house, surrounded by a moat. The principal seat of the Percy family from the 14th to the later 16th century, it was licenced in 1308. Known to have been ruinous in 1608, it was demolished soon after. All that now remains are the earthworks of the moat, which is dry and overgrown, but well preserved throughout. The moat measures 120m by 140m internally and is up to 4m deep and between 3m and 6m wide. An external bank surrounds the moat. The earthwork remains of ridge and furrow and a pond survive to the east of the moat, but are excluded from the scheduling. Another pond is visible as a cropmark to the west of the moat. The earthwork pond appears to be above the medieval ridge and furrow and is therefore considered post medieval in date. Elements of the moat were mapped as part of the Hull Valley NMP, though much of the site remains under dense tree cover. It is not possible to determine the latest evidence for the moat due to this dense tree cover on the 2011 oblique photography. Scheduled.

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