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Motte and bailey castle probably built during the 11th century and first documented in 1149. During the late 12th century century and early 13th century there was much rebuilding, including strengthening of its defences,. There are also many documentary references to the repair and refurbishment of the castle throughout the 14th and 15th century. However, by 1541 little of the castle survived. The castle comprises an oval-shaped mound measuring 75 metres east-west by 100 metres north-south. Excavations have found the mound to be constructed of clay, sand and stone surrounded by a timber palisade. The motte is situated at the southest end and was was originally circular or oval in plan, but is now D-shaped, measuring 26 metres by 40 metres at the base and 18 metres by 26 metres across the top. It stands to a height of 4 metres. A ditch, 10 metres wide, separated the motte from the bailey. Parts of stone built buildings, the curtain wall and a timber bridge which linked the castle to the higher ground to the northeast have also been recorded.

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