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Remains of a moated fortified manor house or castle built in the 14th century as an episcopal residence. During the Civil War the castle was besieged by Parliamentarians who demolished it before 1646. The 14th century remains include a nine-sided corner tower, the bridge over the moat and the stone retaining walls to the moat. A plan drawn up after the Civil War shows a second tower, joined to the first by a hall and chapel range. The present house was rebuilt circa 1695 incorporating some 14th century fabric. It is L-shaped in plan, built of stone with tiled roofs. Elements of the castle, moat and probable post medieval landscaping are also visible as earthworks and structures on air photographs and 2m resolution lidar. The features were mapped as part of the Staffordshire National Mapping Programme project and are extant on the latest 2010 vertical photography or 2011 lidar.

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