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Deserted Medieval settlement in a shallow valley to the east of Baddiley Hall, first recorded in Domesday as a small manor with one plough. In the later Medieval period the present church was built on the site of an older one which was first recorded in 1308 [SJ 65 SW 3]. The manorial centre at this time was probably the moated site at SJ 6080 5080 [SJ 65 SW 28], which was followed by the present Baddiley Hall which dates from the 17th century. Earthwork remains of the settlement include a series of tofts and crofts of at least nine houses and barns situated on either side of small stream, now culverted, running to the east from the boundary of the hall garden. The site has been truncated by the Shropshire Union Canal to the east and ploughing has levelled any other remains which may have existed on the top of the slopes above.

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