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A moated site immediately north east of Wood Farm. The north, west and east sides of the moat ditch survive but the south side at its western end has been destroyed by the buildings of a piggery. At the south east corner is a fishpond. The site has been identified as the platform for the manor house owned by the Griffin family during the reign of Henry VIII and later sold to Sir Henry Delves in 1666. The eastern half of the southern side of the moat ditch has been partly infilled to create a roadway along the north side of the farm, but the ditch is still visible and the south east corner survives in the scrub woodland on the south side of the road. Immediately to the south east of the moat corner there is a fishpond which measures 25 metres by 20 metres with a narrow annexe on the south west side 25 metres long and 10 metres wide. The moat platform measures 97 metres from west to east and 90 metres from north to south. It is surrounded by a ditch 12 metres wide and now about 1.5 metres deep. The southern ends of the east and west arms of the ditch are waterlogged. The pond is dry except during exceptionally wet weather. Scheduled.

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