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An 18th century farmhouse stands on the site of Tyrley castle. The castle built soon after the conquest by the Pantulfs, but is only documented from 1281 in the will of Ralph Le Botiler as an unfinished fortalice. Documented violent disputes between Botiler and the Cistercian Monks of Combermere Abbey, who were lords of Market Drayton, around 1280 alternatively suggests the castle might have actually been built in response to this conflict as the castle site is only 500m from the church of Market Drayton which was a focus of this dispute. A park was linked to the castle and had been in existence since the mid-13th century, which could alternatively mean that the castle was in fact a post-conquest fortification or that a high-status residence at the manor of Tyrley had preceded the building of the castle in the 1280s. The castle probably fell into disuse in the 14th century.

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