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Priory of Augustinian Canons situated adjacent to the church of St Mary on the outskirts of the village of Wombridge. Founded 1130-1135 by William fitz Alan de Hadley and dissolved in 1536. The priory church continued to be used for worship after the Dissolution, but by the mid-17th century it appears to have been in a ruinous condition. The last part of the priory which remained in use for worship was the Lady Chapel, situated at the eastern end of the former church. This was devastated by a storm in 1756, and soon afterwards a new church was constructed to the west on the site of the priory church. This new church was enlarged and rebuilt in stone in the 19th century and is used as the parish church today (not included in the scheduling). Small-scale excavation took place in 1931 to the east of the present church which revealed the altar, piscina and a doorway of the Lady Chapel, and part of what may be crypt were discovered South of the road. Although the site has been disturbed, the structural remains of the Lady Chapel survive reasonably well. Scheduled.

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