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The deserted remains of the medieval village of Abberwick, including the foundations of a tower house and surviving open field system. The remains are visible as a series of earthworks in the fields to the north, north east and west of the modern farm of Abberwick. The most prominent feature is a raised rectangular mound 12 metres by 7 metres standing to a height of 1.5 metres. Situated upon this mound there are the foundations of a rectangular enclosure divided into two compartments and visible as low earthen banks. This building is thought to be the remains of a tower which was recorded at Abberwick in a document of 1572. Surrounding the site of the tower are the foundations of other rectangular buildings visible as low platforms, mounds and small enclosures. Associated with the foundations of these buildings, and attached to some of them, are a series of larger enclosures, interpreted as crofts or small allotments, which are bounded by banks standing to a maximum of 1 metre high. A series of five larger crofts situated to the north of the modern farm of Abberwick contain the well preserved remains of ridge and furrow cultivation. Surrounding the village part of the open field system farmed by its inhabitants is visible. Immediately to the north there is a large furlong, or field, with intact headlands. To the west of this furlong there are a series of smaller furlongs with intact headlands and furlong boundaries. All the furlongs contain extensive remains of ridge and furrow cultivation.

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