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The earthwork remains of a medieval settlement which lie to the east of Haycroft Farm. The remains appear to be concentrated to the north east and south west of a former watercourse which ran down a shallow valley to the north west of the present village of Spurstow. These remains were probably part of the village of Spurstow which has shrunk or slightly relocated in the post-medieval period. The earthworks include the platforms for about six houses with adjoining enclosures. A raised feature running north-south across the settlement is a causeway which has been built up in more recent times to provide dry access. It follows the line of a former field boundary. Each house platform is between 25 metres and 40 metres square with a ditch 2 metres wide to define it. Each of these platforms would have been occupied by one or more medieval buildings. The settlement may have fronted the present lane running south east from the farm. This was a former route from Ridley Green to Beeston Moss and Beeston Castle. There are traces of medieval ridge and furrow in the northern part of the site and these run up to but not into the area of house platforms. The ridge and furrow is interpreted as the remains of the field system associated with the medieval village. Scheduled.

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