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Carmelite Friary. Friars were in Chester in 1277, but only in 1289 was a grant of 8 messuages made to them to build their house. The precinct was bounded by White Friars Lane to the South, Weaver Street to the West, Commonhall Street to the North, and Bridge Street to the east. Plans and written sources indicate that the church had a tower at the West end, but nothing is known of the interior arrangements. The cloister probably lay to the North, and consisted of the dorter, reredorter and priors chamber in the East range, the kitchen and refectory in the North range. There is no mention of a chapter house, nor of a West range. Ancillary buildings, including the salt-house, store house and bulting house (flour sifting house) lay to the West of the church. Two areas of floor tile from the church were found on either side of Bollands Court in 1884.

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