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A well head and drain channel built of stone in the garden of Holywell Farm on the western side of the farmhouse. The well is one of a number of holy wells dedicated to the memory of St Winefride which were placed to mark the route of her remains when they were taken from Holywell in Clwyd, where she was martyred, to Shrewsbury Abbey. This formed a station on a medieval pilgrim trail which followed this route. The well is a circular basin 3.5 metres in diameter and 1.75 metres deep, lined with ashlar sandstone blocks and mortared below the water line. On the north side there is a gap in the surround which has been dammed with bricks in the recent past and a plastic pipe inserted to take away the overflow to a stone lined channel 2.5 metres long and 0.5 metres wide. At the end of the channel a ceramic basin takes the overflow into a stream which flows through the garden. The stonework is medieval and the top of the construction is worn down by the feet of visitors to the well. Scheduled.

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