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The ancient church of Bromborough, granted to the Abbey of St. Werburgh in 1152, was almost undoubtedly a perfect Saxon building, the greater part of which would have been erected by Aethelflaed, while part would appear to be of some earlier date to judge from some of the stones which were subsequently recovered. By 1827-8 it had reached such a state of delapidation that it was impossible to effect repairs, so it was demolished and a new building erected by a local mason, using the old material. This lasted only until 1863-4 when it, in turn, was demolished and a new church built just south of the site. At this point a number of sculptured stones were discovered including a slab and the base of a cross bearing Runic characters dating them to the 7th or 8th century. In the garden of Bromborough parsonage are kept the fragments of the base of a Saxon or early Norman cross: also fragments of about six others dating from late Saxon to the 15th c. They had been built into the walls of the church which was demolished in 1827.

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