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A henge monument, one of a group of such monuments at Knowlton, still partially extant as an earthwork though it has suffered from ploughing and parts are better visible as cropmarks. The site is bisected by a road, and farm buildings occupy part of the western side. The enclosure is defined by a ditch and outer bank separated by a berm. The maximum diameter is around 250 metres. The cropmarks in particular suggest construction as a series of straight lengths. Geophysical survey and trial excavation by Bournemouth University in 1993-5 represents the only known archaeological intervention at the site. Geophysical survey on the southern side showed the ditch to be continuous at this point, and also recorded the presence of a possible medieval trackway aligned against the ditch. Geophysical survey over the northeast quadrant, at two points where cropmarks suggested possible entrances, also showed the ditch to be continuous. It is therefore suggested that any original entrance must lie to the west, where the site is obscured by the road or the farm buildings. A trench across the bank and ditch in the southeast quadrant demonstrated the extent of plough damage to the bank, which survived to a maximum height of 0.2 metres. Traces of a buried soil were found in places beneath the bank. On either side of the bank, and apparently marking its edges, was a flat based gulley 1.5 metres wide and 0.3 metres deep. The stratigraphical relationship is unclear but they seem to just pre-date the bank. The ditch was separated from the bank by a berm of 9.5 metres. The ditch was 5.5 metres deep, although only 4.5 metres was excavated, the remainder being augered. Within the fill, three stabilisation or slumping episodes were noted. Between the second and third, two slot trenches were present, one containing wattle work and the other posts. It is not clear if they extended around the whole of the henge ditch. The henge was mapped from aerial photographs by EH's Knowlton Circles Project.

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