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A late 15th century house, built to house the chantry priest of Holy Trinity Priory, Micklegate House. Now used as the parish room of Holy Trinity Priory Church, it originally consisted of an open hall which was floored in the 17th century; prior to this the house was extended in the early 16th century. In the 18th and 19th centuries the building was used as a public house, trading under the name Jacob's Well, and in1815 a brick second storey was thrown up on top of the original timber-framed structure. In 1905 the building was restored and altered, including the reconstruction of the late 15th century canopy over door, by Walter Harvey Brook. During the early 1980s it was noticeable that the upper storey was visibly leaning forward over Trinity Lane below and the floor of the first storey was bowing at the centre and sagging at the sides, with the load from the additional brick not actually being transferred to ground level. Following monitoring by English Heritage, it was accepted that the only solution was to remove the third storey and replace the roof at its lower 1815 level. This work was undertaken under the direction of Peter Marshall Architects and restoration specialists, William Anelay Ltd of York and was completed in 1991.

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