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22 Vicar's Close is one of the houses on the western side of the Close. The Close was built during the mid 14th century for the Vicars Choral of the Cathedral. It was altered after the death of Bishop Bekynton in 1465. The house is of two-storeys and externally, it is distinguished by the survival of much of its medieval form, and unlike so many of the houses in the Close it has not been combined with a neighbour to form a larger house. Internally, although much of its medieval form is discernable, its character owes more to a restoration of circa 1863 by J H Parker. During the course of alterations in 1991 the remains of an elaborate scheme of internal decoration were revealed. It appears to have been designed by William Burgess who is documented as having been asked by J H Parker to decorate several rooms in the Vicar's Close.

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