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A henge at Ferrybridge surviving as low earthworks but under threat from ploughing. The site comprises a circular enclosure comprising a bank with inner and outer ditches. Excavation in 1991 by West Yorkshire Archaeological Services (which discovered the outer ditch) showed that the inner ditch on the eastern side was circa 10 metres wide and 2.5 metres deep. A berm 15 metres wide separated it from the remains of a limestone bank, also 15 metres wide. Outside the bank was another 15 metre berm, surrounded by a shallow outer ditch 12 metres wide and 1.5 metres deep. The maximum external diameter of the bank is circa 212 metres. Aerial photographs indicate the presence of a ring ditch between the inner ditch and bank on the south-south-east side. Two opposed entrances are evident in the henge circuit, on the north east and south west sides. Among the finds recovered during the excavations was an Iron Age sword scabbard of iron and bronze, which had been deposited within the inner henge ditch. The site is scheduled.

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