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The remains of the medieval village of Lazenby. The monument is located on the east bank of the River Wiske in the lowlands south of the River Tees. The monument occupies an area around Lazenby Hall. The remains of the village include substantial earthworks representing rectangular house platforms with associated enclosures clustered around a network of hollow ways and sunken roads. There are a group of three yards or paddocks along the north boundary of the monument. In the centre of the monument is a large rectangular platform 43 metres north to south and 31 metres east to west. To the east of this is an uneven mound 1 metre high and 14 metres in diameter which may be the remains of a dovecote or a windmill base. In the south west area of the monument are the shallow earthwork remains of possible fishponds. In the north east corner and north west of the monument are two small sections of preserved ridge and furrow, the remnants of the medieval field system. The village of Lazenby is mentioned in the Domesday survey of 1086. It is thought that Lazenby may have been abandoned during the 14th century and the settlement focus relocated across the river into a planned settlement centred around the manor and church at the south of Danby Wiske.

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