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The remains of the medieval settlement of Herleshow located on undulating land 7 kilometres south of Fountains Abbey. The village was part of an estate passed as an original gift to the new Cistercian monastery founded at Fountains in 1132. The village was at some point deserted, probably forcibly, in favour of the establishment of one of the home granges attached to the abbey. This may have occured in the mid-13th century as a grant dated 1259 refers to a dispute between the Abbot of Fountains and one William de Merkynfeld concerning the enclosure of the grange at Herleshow (see SE 26 NE 15). The settlement remains include two raised and level enclosures divided by a hollow way extending to the north. To the west of the hollow way there are remains of at least three rectangular buildings surviving as low earthworks. A further two building platforms are located in the enclosure to the east. Further earthworks include faint traces of ridge and furrow which are the remnants of the village field system.

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