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A small Cistercian nunnery dedicated to St. Mary, and founded in around 1200. The priory was surrendered in 1536 and formally dissolved in 1537. Following the Dissolution, the site became part of the manor of Ellerton. The site is dominated now by the remains of the church, parts of which survive as ruins and are Listed Grade II. Recent surveys have indicated that the site had the usual layout of a monastic house, with the church forming the north range of a cloister, the whole enclosed within an inner court with the precinct beyond. The church now includes a rectangular, aisleless nave, chancel and west tower. The earliest parts date to the 13th century, but the majority belongs to the 15th, with some remodelling carried out in the 19th century. As well as remains representing the cloister and the inner court, the remains of a small complex of structures identified as a small farmstead have been noted within the precinct. Evidence of ridge and furrow cultivation and a number of fishponds have also been recorded. Scheduled. The monument is also known as Ellerton Abbey although this is not the correct name.

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