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Site of a Roman villa located in front of a Martello tower on the Warren, East Wear Bay. This was a corridor villa which consisted of 2 houses, one of which was a rebuild in grey sand-ragstone on chalk and sea-pebble foundations with brick for the furnace arches and drains. Evidence was found of a hypocaust and an annexe containing a bath suite dating from circa 90 AD to the late 4th century with a possible gap in occupation from the late 3rd to early 4th century. The original house had a bow-fronted wing but the wings on the later houses were entirely straight-fronted. It is a good example of a symmetrical plan and frontage with winged corridor and emphasis on the axial entrance and large room beyond which contained a unique mosaic design in Britain. The buttresses on the wings of the villa suggest an upper storey. 3 different stamps of 'Classis Britannicus' were found on tiles. A number of coins were discovered during excavations although some were from a nearby allotment. This site has been mapped from aerial photographs as part of the South East Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey NMP (Component 2).

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