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Cluniac abbey of St Saviour, founded in 1147 by King Stephen who was buried there. It became a Benedictine abbey by the reign of Henry III and was dissolved in 1538. Excavations have located the layout of the church and claustral buildings. It was also found that the abbey was reduced in size with a large cemetery covering part of the original structure. Two 15th century houses, nos 80 and 81 Abbey Street nearby may have been part of the original abbey. The abbey was clearly one of the great abbeys of the realm. To the north of the immense church was a correspondingly large cloister and attached buildings including a Chapter House, Frater, Dorter, Cellar and West Range. The church and claustral buildings were reduced in size at a later date, and a large cemetery covered part of the original structure. The many small finds included carved stonework, window glass, lead, floor tiles and several coins. The tiles form an important series ranging in date from the 12th - 15th centuries. The glass, painted and coloured is some of the earliest of its type found. The abbey was surrendered in 1538, the royal tombs robbed, and thorough demolition of the church begun.

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