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Dobroyd Castle is a large mansion house constructed in 1865 by John Gibson for John Fielden, son of 'Honest' John Fielden. It is constructed from pitch faced stone with a bitumen roof (formerly lead) and is designed to resemble a castle. It is said that the house was built by John Fielden as a result of his proposal of marriage to Ruth Stansfield, who, in jest, said she would accept if he built a castle on a hill. The building is two-storeys high with a four-storey entrance tower and is embellished with numerous turrets and bay windows. The ground floor projections are battered in many cases, producing a rugged effect, but the windows are uniformly large and practical, being mostly of 2-lights with basket arched heads and all sashed. The entrance front is of nine irregular bays, but the garden front to the south is of three bays with corner turrets and is symmetrical. To the north there is a service wing which ends in a glazed court. In the 20th century the house was used as a school and then it was used as a residential Buddhist centre and presently (from 2009) it is Robinwood Activity Centre.

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