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Stone circle located at the foot of Nine Barrow Down. RCHME field investigation in the mid-20th century noted that the surviving stones formed an arc which, if originally part of a complete circle, would have been about 80 feet in diameter. At the time, 12 stones stood on or near their original setting. 5 stood to a height of 2 to 3.75 feet, while the other seven were prone. Some of these latter had clearly been moved. Nine other stones were noted piled together some 80 feet to the east. In 1957, JB Calkin referred to two parallel rows of stones, about 9 feet apart and located circa half a mile west of the circle, but apparently aligned a little to the north of it. He suggested that they may have formed a processional way leading to the circle. RCHME field investigation in 1986 noted that only 10 of the stones belonging to Rempstone Circle were still visible. The field investigator added that "nothing of the supposed stone row(s) survives".

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