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Jubilee Mill was built in 1887 by the newly formed Clitheroe Jubilee Mill Company Limited. The mill was a single-storey weaving mill with circular brick chimney, designed by Stott & Sons. A tall engine house contained a 700 ihp horizontal compound engine (23” + 42” x 5’ stroke with 15’ diameter spur fly-wheel) by Wolstenholme, Rye & Company Limited of Oldham. Adjoining this building was a boiler house with slate hipped roof, designed for two boilers. There was provision for the mill to be occupied by three tenants but by 1890 it was still unused, forcing the company into liquidation. John Southworth (also of Brooks Mill) bought the site and installed 1190 looms in the 24 bay weaving shed. 500 staff manufactured a large range of fabrics. Production was down-scaled to 800 looms after the Second World War and again in the 1950s to 492. John Southworth & Sons Ltd is listed in Worrall's directory for 1961 as manufacturers of specialities in cotton, man-made fibres and mixtures. Textile manufacturing halted in 1966 and since then the mill has been used for storage by Trutex. Extant.

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