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The remains of a Bronze Age settlement complex on the western slopes of Cosdon Hill. Most of the settlement complex lies on the eastern side of the Taw Marsh reave and survives as a cluster of both enclosed and unenclosed stone hut circles. A total of at least 54 stone hut circles survive as stone and earth banks surrounding an oval or circular shaped internal area. There are four discrete clusters, the largest of which is adjacent to the reave and includes at least 22 hut circles, two simple and one agglomerated enclosure. Within this cluster six of the huts are unenclosed. A short distance to the east lies a further simple encloure containing five stone hut circles. A further hut is linked to the enclosure wall and another lies just outside its perimeter. South of this enclosure lies another simple oval shaped enclosure which contains three stone hut circles. To the east of this enclosure lies the fourth element of this settlement complex and this survives as a cluster of at least 19 unenclosed and three partially enclosed stone hut circles. The settlement complex extends to the west of the Taw Marsh reave and here it survives as a cluster of 32 stone hut circles, six of which are connected to fragmentary lengths of boundary wall. Scheduled.

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