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A Bronze Age parallel reave system covering an area of some 280 hectares of moorland. The western extremity appears to follow the East Dart River, the northern edge is probably formed by the northernmost reave. The main elements are several parallel stoney banks or axial reaves at intervals of between 120 metres and 250 metres apart. They are visible running east from the left bank of the East Dart River, north of Hartland Tor. On crossing the Hartland and Stanton Brooks they alter course to the north-east. 3 distinct axial reaves and several shorter transverse reaves are visible on the western flank of Merripit Hill. Only the northernmost axial reave is discernible on the eastern flank, the others being lost in peat and valley bogs. All 3 can be seen again climbing the western flanks of Water Hill and Assycombe Hill and they appear to terminate on the projected line of a transverse reave linking the two hilltops. Roughly midway between Water Hill and Assycombe Hill, a single well-defined axial reave runs for 700 metres north to south from the projected line of the transverse reave.

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