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A cairn lying on a gentle west facing slope; prior to afforestation it would have overlooked the valley of the Cherry Brook. The cairn survives as a 7.7 metre diameter and 0.8 metre high mound denoted on its eastern side by at least five edge set stones standing up to 0.35 metres high. In the centre of the mound is a substantial cist, measuring 1.4 metres long by 0.48 metres wide and 0.5 metres deep, which is aligned NNW to SSE. The northern end stone appears to be missing and the eastern edge stone has slipped inwards. To the west of the cist and partially overhanging it is a substantial slab measuring 1.84 metres long by 1.48 metres wide and 0.35 metres thick. This stone represents the capstone discarded during robbing. The cist had already been disturbed before it was investigated by the Dartmoor Exploration Committee in 1901. Scheduled.

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