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The remains of a Bronze Age settlement which consists of three contiguous enclosures containing eight huts, with a further four huts to the south west. Enclosure I and hut circles Nos 1 and 2 have been entirely destroyed by quarrying. The walls of the primary Enclosures II and III appear thicker than those of Enclosure IV - up to 2.0m average; No II has several yards adjacent to the interior wall and only two huts; No III has only one hut and no yards; No IV has four internal huts, another contiguous with the inner face of the enclosure and one contiguous with the outer face; there are no yards. There is no evidence of clearance in Enclosures III and IV, but some may have been attempted in No II. All the huts are in a very ruinous state and have internal diameters ranging from 3 to 6 metres with an average of 4.0m; the walls are on average 1.0m thick. Only hut No 3 has a visible entrance, on the east.

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