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Two Bronze Age cairns lie on the north flank of Black Hill immediately south of the former site of Willsworthy Camp. The larger of the two, at SX 52148287, possesses an overall diameter of 18m and consists of a level platform 0.4m above the present ground level with a turf and stone rim 3.0m wide and 0.3m high. A boundary stone has been inserted near the eastern edge of the cairn. The symmetry and form of this feature does not suggest that it has suffered from stone robbing. Apart from the gap in the east side of the rim there is no obvious disturbance and the monument provides a good example of an embanked flat-topped cairn. Immediately to the north of this feature, at SX52148289, is an unbroken circular bank 10.7m in overall diameter. The bank, 2.0m wide and 0.25m high,encloses a flat area at (or slightly below) the current ground level. This too appears to be a cairn.

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