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Two Bronze Age standing stones with a disturbed cairn and a number of small earth fast stones. Located in open generally clitter-free moorland. Only one of the two stones still stands; it is 3.2 metres high and tapers from the base which is 0.7 by 0.5 metres in section. Whether the stone was once the focus or terminus of a stone rows is uncertain. The second stone is now fallen, it is 2.2 metres long, up to 0.4 metres wide and 0.3 metres thick. An adjacent 0.3 metre deep pit may be its socket hole. The disturbed cairn, between the two large stones, is 3 metres in diameter and 0.3 metres high. A few of the seven small stones may be natural features however there is a short alignment of three stones to the south of the standing stone. None of these earth fast stones are more than 0.3 metres high. A number of depressions/pits lie within this part of the scheduled site. Also in guardianship.

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