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The fragmentary remains of a vague sub-circular ring previously identified as a Bronze Age cairn or hut circle. Approximately ten irregularly spaced boulders and fallen slabs survive in situ. The feature lies in isolation on a slight north west facing slope in deep heather and grass at SX 55327484 (north of the west end of the northern stone row). It measures 8.2 metres by 8.9 metres across; one upright slab is 0.4 metres high and a broken boulder in the interior bears drill splitting marks. The absence of spoil and the fact that the remains of the circle lie on the slope and not cut into it, suggests this is the vestiges of a cairn circle. Its position on a gently sloping hillside to the north of the double stone rows (SX 57 NE 12) may be significant when compared with the position of a prominent cairn circle (SX 57 SE 7) which lies to the south of the stone rows and the recently identified cairn to the south west (SX 57 SE 178). Scheduled.

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