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Bronze Age enclosure cut into the sloping north-facing hillside. The lower side is formed by an 0.8m high scarp with some boulders and stones. The upper side is a spread, turf-covered boulder and stone bank up to 3.2m wide, 0.8m high internally and 0.5m externally. The position of the entrance is not clear. Three hut circles associated with this enclosure can be positively identified as well as the sites of three possible huts. At SX55676345 is a robbed hut circle located on the north side of the enclosure and cut into the slope. It measures approximately 5.8m across with an 0.5m high back scarp and 0.4m high front scarp. Some large boulders have fallen out of the bank. The entrance is probably in the north-west quadrant. At SX55606343 is a well preserved hut circle built into a gentle slope on a north-west facing hillside. It measures 8.7m (north-south) by 9.3m with a level interior some 4.5m in diameter. The substantial stone and boulder wall which has many in-situ facing slabs and boulders is on average 0.7m high. The position of the entrance is not clear but it is probably in the north quadrant. At SX55636343 is a possible hut stance approximately 4.5m across, levelled into a north-west facing slope. At SX55636344 is a hut stance approximately 4.1m across and levelled into a north-facing slope. The curvilinear back scarp and the pronounced front scarp are each 0.4m high. A few boulders mark the site. Butler and Quinnell depict two further huts both part of the enclosure but these are difficult to interpret on the ground. Investigated and surveyed at 1:2500 scale as part of the RCHME Shaugh Moor project in 1997.

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