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The remains of an impressive, though heavily damaged and disturbed cairn are located on the lower summit area of Saddlesborough at 300m above OD at SX55886321. It is visible as a turf and heather covered `rim' of stones and small boulders up to 18.0m in overall diameter. This ragged `rim' is a maximum 2.5m wide and 0.5m high; the south quadrant has been extensively damaged by tinpits and surface stone pits. Internally the `rim' is visible as a 0.3m high scarp: clearly the result of desultory digging in the now uneven and disturbed interior. It is not possible to interpret the original form of this cairn but the absence of spoil suggests that it could have been a platform cairn perhaps similar to its robbed neighbour 125m to the south-east (SX 56 SE 112). Investigated and surveyed at 1:2500 scale as part of the RCHME Shaugh Moor project in 1997. Collections number 1101512

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