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An impressive and well preserved enclosure which incorporates one hut circle. It is located on a slight boulder-covered slope on the north-facing hillside of Saddlesborough. To the north-west an `annex' comprises three hut circles each linked by a curvilinear boulder/stone wall. The enclosure has a double-faced wall with a boulder/stone core which on the downhill side is spread to 2.6m wide and is on average 0.6m high. The position of the entrance is not clear but there are a number of narrow gaps in the wall noteably in the north-east quadrant. The hut circle at SX55966350 has clearly been utilised by the enclosure wall. It measures 9.0m in overall diameter and the boulder and stone faced walling is 1.2m wide and 0.5m high. The position of the entrance is not clear. The three hut circles to the north-west lie on a slight north-facing slope. One at SX55936352. measures 11m in diameter with a level interior 7.4m across. The walling comprises a boulder/stone core with internal and external facing slabs on average 0.6m high. The entrance marked by two orthostats is in the south-west quadrant. Another at SX55916351 measures 8.2m in diameter with a level interior some 6m (north-south) by 5.3m. The wall comprises a ring of inner facing slabs, on average 0.5m high with an outer facing of low earthfast boulders retaining a stone/boulder core. It has been disturbed and the entrance was located either in the north-east or south-west. The third hut SX55916353 measures 8.1m (north-south) by 7.7m with a level interior 4.7m in diameter. The walling comprising a boulder/stone core with inner and outer facing slabs is 0.5m high. The entrance is probably on the north side. They are linked by a boulder/stone wall 0.5m high. Investigated and surveyed at 1:2500 scale as part of the RCHME Shaugh Moor project 1997. Scheduled.

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