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A field system containing 13 hut circles occupies an area of 6ha on the lower South and South-West flanks of Legis Tor. The Legis Tor settlement is situated on a southerly slope above the River Plym at 250-270 m OD. It consists of a complex of five enclosures (see plan), of which A is clearly the primary one. There are huts within the enclosures and outside. The overall dimensions of the complex are 150.0m north-south and 200.0m west-east, covering an area of approximately 3.0 ha. The enclosure walling is double-faced with rubble infill; thickness 1.2 to 1.6m. The 15 huts are mainly of Type 2 (Type site SX 56 NE 71) and ruinous; four are incorporated into the walling of the enclosures. Their average internal diameter is 5.1m, the largest being 7.0m and the smallest 4.0m. There is also a number of small yards sometimes adjacent to the larger huts, which were possibly stock pens. In six of the huts the entrance is visible, all on the south or south south west side. The enclosure wall on the south west appears to deviate from its logical course to avoid the hut outside the settlement. There is evidence of clearance for cultivation in all the enclosures, and on the lower edges of some there is a soil build-up forming a lynchet against the walls.

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