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A stone row, the shortest of the three rows at Drizzlecombe, has an overall length of 76.5m, or 84.5m. if measured to the centre of the cairn at the north-east end. In addition to the large standing stone at the south-west end there are fourteen stones in a single row; three of these are recumbent. The maximum height of any stone is 0.8m and the terminal standing stone measures 1.1m by 0.3m standing at 4.3m high. The cairn, one of many in the complex, is offset from the line of the row by about 0.6m and has a diameter of 10.3m and a height of 1.0m. There are ten stones of the retaining circle all at the base of the mound and there is a small depression in the top.

It is likely that the cairns within this complex post date the stone rows. In other similar ceremonial and settlement complexes the cairns are kept distinctly apart from the more ritualised monuments. Here at Drizzlecombe the cairns are scattered amongst the rows and standing stones, suggesting two separate phases of activity with the latter less respectful of the former.

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