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New Hall Moat, Astley, is situated 200 metres north of Astley Hospital. It includes a house platform surrounded by a moat; a post medieval farmhouse is now located on the island on the site of the original medieval building. The moat is complete in its circuit and measures between 20 metres and 30 metres wide, with the widest part on the south west corner. At this point the water soaks away to join a watercourse flowing westwards from the site. The moat has been revetted with stone on the south side and this revetting is now in a ruinous condition. The moat has been bridged on this south side, with a post medieval-modern stone bridge replacing an earlier timber structure across the water. The banks of the moat have been drawn in at this point to form a narrow channel 1 metre wide and culverted. The house platform enclosed by the moat is rectangular and measures 60 metres from north to south and 40 metres from east to west. The area enclosed is 0.25ha. This island is 0.4 metres above the surrounding land and has no trace of bank inside the moat. The post medieval farmhouse occupies a third of the island and is constructed from brick with a slate roof. When the site was recorded by the RCHME in 1983 the farmhouse was in a ruinous condition.

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