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Farmhouse with datestones of 1574 and 1840 set within the main facade. The building stands on a platform and is surrounded by a roughly rectilinear moat crossed by a stone bridge at the front (the platform, moat and bridge are scheduled - National Monument Number 27586). The house is built of coursed rubble sandstone, with the rebuild constructed of coursed tooled blocks of sandstone. The front roof slope is formed with Welsh slates whilst the rear roof slope and most of the stair tower is of stone flags. It is believed that a substantial timber framed house existed on the site, the present originated in 1574 and includes many timbers thought to come from the earlier house. The 1574 house was a gabled stone structure of two storeys and a probable attic. The north-east corner of the building is served by a stone stair tower that may be contemporary with 1574 house, though subsequent rebuilding and reroofing means that the relationship of the stair tower to the main range has been lost. The other main period of construction was in 1840, though there was a probable intermediate phase of renovation in the 18th century. The 1840 rebuilding of the house is in the Tudor Gothic Revival style that was popular in the Victorian period.

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