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A chain tower known as Fowey Blockhouse on the south coast of mid-Cornwall. The chain tower survives as a ruined three storied rectangular building, built into the side of the cliff which forms the bank of the River Fowey, and is located opposite another chain tower known as Polruan Blockhouse (SX 15 SW 131). The structure is roofless and is constructed of local slate, with three walls surviving, the south east wall having collapsed at some time in the past. The chain tower was probably built in response to a raid on the town of Fowey by the French in 1457. Leland, travelling in the 16th century, states that the tower was built during the reign of Edward IV (1461-1483). The two chain towers were designed to have a chain laid across the river between them which could be raised to prevent enemy shipping reaching the town of Fowey. Advances in artillery made the tower obselete and it was superseded by St Catherine's Castle in the 1520s. Scheduled and Listed Grade II*.

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