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Roman milestone at Trethevey. The milestone survives as an upright granite pillar, with a distinct lean to the north west. The principal faces are orientated north west-south east. The south east face bears an incised inscription in several short lines. The inscription is in Latin and reads `I C DOMI N GALLUS ET VOLUS' which is a shortened form of the Latin for `imperatorinus caesaribus domini nostra Gallus et Volusian'. This translates as `for the emperors, caesars, our lords Gallus and Volusianus. The inscription dates to AD 251-253, a period of joint rule of the two emperors Gallus and Valusian. Also on this face are two holes, the higher of the two is lead filled and contains the remains of an iron gate fitting. Projecting out of the fractured top of the milestone is a large iron hinge. These hinges or gate fittings are the result of the reuse of the milestone as a gatepost. This milestone gives evidence to a Roman route which ran through north Cornwall. The milestone was found in 1919 in use as a gatepost. It was built into a wall in the garden of St Piran's House, it has since been moved to a nursery garden nearby. The milestone is Scheduled and is one of only five such stones recorded in Cornwall.

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