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Franciscan Friary extant by 1260, dissolved in 1538. The church appears to have been rebuilt circa 1352. The site covered some 2.5 acres at the Dissolution, and consisted of the church, cloister and gatehouse. The western portion of the church was converted to a Corn Market, and the eastern portion to an Assize Court. These were demolished in the 19th century and a new Assize Court and Public Rooms constructed. The gatehouse, with a gabled entrance and arched doorway became a jewellers shop and the frontage modernised. There are no remains of the Friary other than a pillar and capital from the church which have been re-erected in the parish churchyard and remains within No.4, Fore Street, which are entirely internal and consist of a stone stairway with pointed arched doorways, part of the gatehouse building. An excavation at Mount Folly Square in 1999 located several graves, one in a coffin, which suggests that the excavated area was within the conventual church.

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